About Us

About Us

Financial Shop Solutions, a privately-held corporation based in South Florida, is a competitive market research company which specializes in serving the needs of the financial services industry. Since 2008, we have combined extensive industry knowledge and mystery shopping data-collection techniques to deliver need-to-know information to various institutions nationwide. Marketing and strategyUtilizing customized reports prepared by our in-house team of experts, we provide our clients with the tools they need to maximize their fee income, plus help them gain an understanding of the features and functionality of various products and services.

Our clients are our top priority, so we work every day to ensure that our services are the industry’s best. That begins with clear and open communication among our team members. Our clients’ objectives are understood by our field personnel, as well as our in-house researchers and analysts, before the project starts. We also stay in contact with our clients during the survey process, providing status reports at different stages, and then we follow-up with all clients after we deliver the completed survey. This “open-door” approach allows our clients a layer of security, knowing that our analysis won’t only be comprehensive, accurate and reliable – it will fit their specific needs.

Before we can ask for a client’s trust, we must demand it from ourselves. That’s what we do, and it shows. Our method of researching the market, with our focus on excellence and integrity, allows us to report unbiased, accurate and up-to-date information to our clients about their competition.

Our methodology is known, proven and trusted in the industry. The quality of our client services is outstanding. Our team’s integrity and experience cannot be duplicated.

Financial Shop Solutions – ready to partner with you.

Our Mission

Financial Shop Solutions is committed to providing results-oriented, quality information and superior service to our clients. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions that assist our clients in delivering product lines and service models that are appealing, competitively priced, and beneficial to their customer base, while maximizing revenue.

Why FSS?

We have the resources, experience, and data gathering techniques – to help you stay ahead of the competition.