Meet The Team

How We Work

We are professional and diligent.

Our goal is to provide exceptional client services before, during and after delivery of the survey. We recognize the complexity of our clients’ products and services, so we work with them every step of the way — from scenario development to final report delivery and follow-up.

  • No two surveys are alike. That’s why we work with our clients to help develop an extensive scenario, from volumes to asset size, ensuring consistency of the information gathered.
  • Interim status updates are customary and allow our clients to be involved during the process.
  • After delivery of the study, follow-ups are made in order to receive feedback and to provide clarifications, if necessary.

Survey Methodology

Timely and precise data usually requires on-site meetings with the selected institutions.

  • We follow established scenarios that work with our clients’ specifications.
  • Our reports are developed through the use of a combination of mystery shopping techniques, in-house analysis and the knowledge of our research team.

Quality Assurance

Both the quality and integrity of the data collected are critical to our success. Financial Shop Solutions has a strict procedure in place in order to ensure data reliability.

  • Information gathered is submitted from competitors in writing when possible, and all verbal confirmations are verified before being reported, when possible.
  • Final reports must be approved in writing by our researchers, quality control specialists and, ultimately, our client services management. This process guarantees the quality of data and proper format of the information and ensures that the final presentation meets the client specifications.

Reporting Formats

Information gathered during our research is available for delivery to our clients in a variety of formats:

  • Matrices in Excel for side by side comparisons of fees and features
  • Executive summaries that describe key findings and conclusive strengths and gaps
  • Presentation of results in PowerPoint
  • Other special formats are available on request