Why Partner With Us

Why Partner With Us

We unlock the mysteries of your competitors

You already know that the financial services sector is competitive and ever-changing. You need an edge – and that’s what we give you. Our expertise across a world of product lines and markets informs our projects with multiple layers of insight and understanding. We listen to your needs, then help you develop a customized solution, including as much information as you require, from pure pricing analysis to client service issues. In short, our team works hand-in-hand with you to bring you the information you need.

  • A Custom Solution

    We do not provide cookie cutter reports. All deliverables and scenarios are designed to address your particular requirements. Every report is researched according to your specifications whenever you request it, and we don’t generate reports from a database of established information that could be based on old or out-of-market data. The analysis we provide is up-to-date and unique to your situation.

  • Research Team

    Our team is comprised of financial services professionals, people who have worked directly for banks and other financial institutions, as well as research specialists with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fee gathering, plus an understanding of the functionality of services and analysis. This personnel combination means that our analysis and surveys are accurate and on-point. Our team’s years of hands-on experience in the areas they research — with continued education programs in place to keep them current with developing trends involving products and services in the financial industry — means they won’t get caught flat-footed if and when things change.

  • Talented Shoppers

    Our in-house team needs all the up-to-date information they can get their hands on, which is provided by the shoppers who operate in the field. Our experienced shoppers are specifically trained to service our clients’ individual needs. They understand that each assignment is different, so they work to gather the competitor data that will help provide you with the insight you need.

  • Leadership

    Mary Morgan is the Founder and President of Financial Shop Solutions. Before forming FSS, she was Vice President of Client Services and Research at Datatron. With 17-plus years of experience in the field of competitive research, Mary has an extensive background working with not only the top banks in the United States, but also community banks across the nation. In her work, she has provided them with the tools and information that assisted in increasing their fee income, evaluated their companies against their competitors in the areas of marketing and client services, as well as assessed their institutional and employee standards.

  • Our Commitment

    Why Partner with UsFinancial Shop Solutions is committed to providing results-oriented information and superior service to our clients. We aim to offer innovative solutions that assist our clients to deliver product lines and service models that are appealing, competitively priced to maximize revenue and beneficial to your customer base.